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Well a start has been made on our winter project. The idea is to lift all the flagstones from around the pond under pin them and re-lay. The reason for this is the edges had started to crumble and slope inwards making it a little dangerous for anyone standing near the edge. I had a rough idea of a plan but it is one of those jobs that changes as new ideas on the best way forward appear. The existing  Hexagonal  flags are being replaced with 2 ft x 2.ft 6 inch flags.This will provide a more secure path and make the area much safer. The sides will be more problematic as they are curved and different widths, however I am sure a solution will appear as if by magic.       More news and photo’s to follow as progress is made

Click any picture to enlarge     24/11/2016

A little more progress made today, due to the soft waterlogged edge it was quite difficult to create support for the flags, after  a bit of a struggle I got there in the end.    25/11/2016

Down again today, mainly to clear away  the rubbish generated laying the 1st path  and trying to decide the best approach for the next stage   27/11/2016

Not happy with corner so changed it for 2 larger flags. Now much more secure/stable


Brian pointed out there is enough space for a 3rd flag to be fitted in the corner so at some stage this will be added

 This is the most problematic as the edge of the pond is very soft, what I intend to do is set a concrete plinth 6 ft x 1 ft as a foundation to support the flags, we will see if it works.

Well so far so good, I will cut the corners with a still saw,reverse the cut offs to fill the step shapes  

Down again today 03/12/2016

and with help from  Brian made a little more progress.

Today I was tackling the softest edge, and to give the required stability reversed 3 x 3 ft x 2 ft

Flags, pleased to say it went quite well. It is now starting to take shape

Well a little more progress made today  4/12/2016  see pictures below. Hopefully that is the last of the really tricky bits, by that I mean those areas with really soft edges that needed supporting. Thankfully Brian was on hand to offer assistance.

Started last section of pond today 11/12/2016 sorted out proposed layout and it looks quite good, intend to lift,. and level using sharp sand. Then a tidy up and leave for a week or two.

Once again a concrete plinth was used to underpin the pond edge. I hope this will last many years. But the best laid plans !!!


The first two pictures on right show a little more progress has been made in sorting out the last corner, its out with the cutter now to start filling odd sized gaps. The last photo is of Croaky Hall,

We noticed frogs were hiding all over the place so we created a little hollow covered with a piece of flag and pebbles, hopefully they will use this space to over winter.

Apart from lining the sides of the pond it is finally taking shape.


Well the pond area is now finished, apart from planting up the flower bed at the end of the pond, but there is no rush for this. Now it is back to my own plot to catch up.