Geoff & Friends Allotments

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Try growing it yourself

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Enjoyment + Healthy Exercise. And new friends

The slide show below is designed to give an insight into the operation and build of the VE Day celebration Allotment at the Harrogate spring flower show. The planting and building of the main structures were carried out at Redhall nurseries, plants were sown by a number of members of the L.D.G.F. And the main structures were also built there in a form that could be easily dismantled and shipped to Harrogate . Once the main layout was erected a team of ladies took over the layout of planting, laying the troughs between walkways built to the same height. As each double row was completed all joints were taped and an inch of compost placed over the area to create the impression of an Allotment. The walkways, Anderson shelter and central area were then covered in turf. A Chicken coop and Rabbit hutch were added as this was a valuable source of food during the war and the rationing that was in force  As you can see the finished plot was very realistic.

The show was a great success