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 2019 is nearly here and lots of planning taking place ( planning dreaming not much difference ) so we will see how it all progresses. This coming year I intend to reduce the number of varieties and try to improve the crops that I do grow, I say this every year Without success so we will just have to wait and see.

Geoff’s plot plan for 2018 -  Dream on!!!

Made a start at last with improvements   see below  –––  just click picture to enlarge

Decided to enlarge my hut, (must stop watching George Clark’s amazing spaces)

So watch this space. Already a problem with tape measure it takes the wrong measurements, or was it me ???

Fixed tape measure or put my glasses on, so now started to build small extension to my hut, it only adds 20” to the width but makes quite a difference inside

More room when having tea.

The Chilean Guavas came through the winter ok and the crop increased by 50%. I have seen an article suggesting you can grow them as a fruiting hedge, however they are very slow growing so you would not have to be in a rush.

2nd March 2019

July 2017 Click any picture

Tomatoes 3 varieties potted on., cauliflower and cabbages now sown, peas, french beans and beetroot next

Spring has arrived. Fruit trees now almost in flower hopefully a good crop to come