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Our Allotments are in Swillington on the outskirts of Leeds. This Website was created as a bit of fun and hopefully to show what we get up to over the year. There are 10 plots on the site and each plot holder has their own ideas and ways of gardening. We are also quite lucky in the sense that our Parish Council are very supportive and willing to help in any way they can.

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Pictures taken in July 2014

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Swillington Parish Council

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April 4th 2017

We are well into spring and plants are starting to make growth, already a number of fruit trees are in bloom and looking promising. We had two plots recently vacated and both now let to two young ladies Sue and Gillian. Sue started about four weeks ago and Gillian just this week. Gillian has instructed her husband to be on hand Friday for a session of digging, Gillian also likes making cakes but states she only drinks coffee, so 1st priority is a jar of coffee, I can almost taste the cakes !!!. Both ladies seem

Excited to have been offered a plot and cannot wait to get started.  

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Rebuilding the side of the pond, what was classed as our winter Project has now been completed, and is a big improvement.

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If you would like to see the new club for the over 50s check out the Elderberries link below

The Frogs have started to return see page bit of fun for 1st pictures