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Our Allotments are in Swillington on the outskirts of Leeds. This Website was created as a bit of fun and hopefully to show what we get up to over the year. There are 10 plots on the site and each plot holder has their own ideas and ways of gardening. We are also quite lucky in the sense that our Parish Council are very supportive and willing to help in any way they can.

 These pictures show some of the plots taken around June 2017

Gordon won best plot in Leeds and district 2016

May I suggest that when viewing this site you always click the refresh button on the address bar it looks like a half circle with an arrow on the end, otherwise it will display a page held in your computers memory and will not show any updates

Well here we are, Spring 2019 pretty good start to the season, started off wet and cold, but this past few weeks have been ideal, started sowing seeds and planning what grow this year. I have also added 2 new Red Gooseberries, last year made a dozen jars of Gooseberry Jam with was delicious so hope to expand on this. I know that Gordon, Gillian and Brian will also come up with the goods, and try something new.

I am adding a new page for recipes and our resident baker Gillian, and hopefully Brian's wife Vivian will help to fill the page. If anyone else would like to contribute with their favourite recipe then e-mail details with a picture if you want to me and it will be added. E-mail address on Useful sites page.      

We will continue with pages for myself, Gordon, Brian and Gillian, because these plot will hopefully  be of most interest. I am quite happy to add pages if effort can be justified .

The site is being updated and awaiting contributions from plot holders. As features / ideas submitted they will be added.